Lawmakers in Wyoming are making a second attempt on legislation to ban intoxicating hemp products after the Joint Judiciary Committee in September scrapped their first attempt after pushback from hemp companies, according to a WyoFile report. State Rep. Art Washut (R) told WyoFile that “The first draft went too far in terms of causing a threat” to the state’s hemp farmers, and lawmakers “didn’t want to go there.”

“So we got that completely removed. And what we’re focused on now are the delta-8 products, delta-10 products that we’re seeing, advertised and sold at so many locations around Wyoming.” — Washut to WyoFile

The new proposal would ban the addition of “synthetic substances” to hemp and would prohibit hemp products from containing more than 0.3% of any type of THC on a dry weight basis, including delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC. The measure defines “synthetic substances” as “any synthetic THC, synthetic cannabinoid or any other drug or psychoactive substance.”

Sam Watt, co-owner of Platte Hemp Company, told WyoFile that the ban would have a negative impact on the state’s hemp industry but that he would welcome more regulations on hemp products sold in the state, such as labeling rules to ensure consumer safety.

“In the hemp industry, it’s a free-for-all,” he told WyoFile. “And some of these guys that I meet, they’re dumping who knows what in their gummies and now, I mean, it’s not regulated. And that’s where I push for regulation, and so it’s safe for our consumers.”

Wyoming already has laws on the books banning synthetic hemp products but Sarah Barrett, the Wyoming State Crime Laboratory drug chemistry and toxicology supervisor, testified in September that there is currently no “scientific test … to prove” delta-8’s origins.

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