Welcome to March, Stargazers. It’s officially Pisces season, a time to embrace your inner dreamer and let creativity flow, with a stack of planetary events headed our way. On March 3, Jupiter forms a semi-square to Neptune, encouraging a deeper exploration of spiritual beliefs and creative expressions. Time to reflect on our dreams and the illusions that may cloud our paths, urging us towards clarity and truth in our pursuits. For those who resonate with the calming and introspective qualities of Cannabis, take this unique opportunity to meditate on your aspirations and the spiritual journey you are on.

The waters of Pisces become even more stirred as Venus, the planet of love and beauty, enters this sensitive sign on March 11, followed by Mars on March 22, the planet of action and desire. This dual transit amplifies Piscean energy, fostering a period of heightened empathy, compassion, and emotional connections. Venus in Pisces invites us to dissolve boundaries in love and relationships, while, Mars in Pisces motivates us to pursue our dreams. Together, these planetary movements create a harmonious blend of passion and tenderness, ideal for nurturing relationships and artistic endeavors.


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Amidst these gentle cosmic waves, the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25 introduces a dynamic shift towards balance, relationships, and fairness. This celestial event illuminates the need for equilibrium between our personal desires and the needs of those around us. Release what no longer serves your highest good, particularly in partnerships and social connections. As we navigate through this busy cosmic month, stay grounded and use these celestial insights as a guide to foster deeper connections, embrace our creativity, and seek balance in all aspects of life.

Your March horoscope



Happy birthday Pisces! March shines a spotlight on the sweet, fishy Pisces, marking a period of personal renewal and profound self-discovery as the cosmos aligns in your favor. With the sun in your sign for the majority of the month, your cosmic birthday gift encourages introspection, growth, and the embrace of your true self. The early part of the month is particularly significant, as Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune, your ruling planet, deepens your connection to your dreams and spiritual pursuits.

This aspect challenges you to differentiate between illusion and intuition, urging you to trust the latter as you navigate your path. It’s an ideal time for Pisces to engage in reflective practices such as meditation or journaling, with the mindful use of Cannabis available to enhance spiritual connections and creativity. This period is about honoring your inner voice and allowing your personal truth to guide your decisions and actions.


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As Venus and Mars enter your sign, the focus intensifies on your personal identity and how you present yourself to the world. Venus in Pisces enhances your natural charm, making it easier to attract love, beauty, and harmony into your life; you feel more connected to your desires and able to express your affections more freely. Mars in Pisces, meanwhile, injects a dose of courage and motivation to pursue your goals with passion and assertiveness.

The lunar eclipse in Libra doubles down on your relationships sector, bringing issues of balance and reciprocity to the forefront. This celestial event prompts a reevaluation of your partnerships, encouraging you to seek harmony and fairness in your connections with others. For Pisces, March is a month of embracing your individuality, pursuing your dreams with confidence, and nurturing the relationships that truly reflect your values and aspirations.

March strain: This is the time to lean into your whimsical tendencies,Pisces. As you navigate through the emotional ebbs and flows of March, Dream Queen is the perfect strain to keep your spirits uplifted and your mood balanced. Its dreamy and euphoric effects, from a combination of the mystical Blue Dream and Space Queen, will help you embrace your feelings, encouraging open conversations with your partner or close ones about any doubts or uncertainties. 



March is a month brimming with cosmic activity for you, Aries, setting the stage for personal growth inside and out. The energy of Pisces season invites you to slow down and look inward, especially with Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune early in the month. This aspect encourages a deep dive into your spiritual and emotional realms, urging you to reflect on your dreams and the realities you wish to create.

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This makes for the perfect time to embrace practices that foster inner peace and clarity—perhaps finding solace in the serene embrace of Cannabis. This period is about connecting with your inner self and understanding the deeper motivations behind your actions and desires.

The latter part of the month sees a significant shift as Venus and Mars enter Pisces, activating the most secluded part of your chart. This transit emphasizes themes of closure, healing, and preparation before your birthday season. The energy of Venus in Pisces softens your edges, encouraging compassion and empathy towards yourself and others.

Meanwhile, Mars in Pisces motivates you to tackle unresolved issues and to let go of past grievances. Libra’s full moon lunar eclipse illuminates your relationship sector, highlighting the importance of balance and harmony in your interactions. For Aries, March is a month to heal, to dream, and to prepare for the rebirth that awaits you as the sun enters your sign. Embrace this time of quiet introspection and emotional renewal to emerge stronger and more aligned with your true path.

March strain: Hey Aries, this March is all about embracing the emotional rollercoaster with a sense of humor and love, and what better way to enhance those vibes than with Trash? Don’t worry, this heady strain is anything but. As you navigate through the highs and lows with your signature infectious laughter, Trash’s balanced effects can offer the perfect backdrop to every moment. With Venus influencing your connections, Trash can be that bridge to deeper conversations and laughter, making every interaction memorable in a month filled with love and a bit of chaos.



March unfolds as a month of dynamic social engagement and introspective reflection for you, Taurus. Piscean energy urges you to connect deeply with your community, coinciding with the early part of the month colored by Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune, which casts a dreamy veil over your aspirations and the collective vision you share with those around you.

So takes some time to ponder the impact of your dreams and how they align with the collective good. How can your personal goals contribute to a larger purpose? This period emphasizes the power of collective energy and the importance of nurturing your connections with empathy and understanding.

As Venus and Mars make their way into Pisces, the focus shifts towards your professional life and public image. These transits illuminate your ambitions and your desire to make a meaningful impact in your career or in the public sphere. Venus softens your approach towards leading with compassion and harmony in your professional relationships. Mars, on the other hand, stirs your ambition to aligning your career with your spiritual or altruistic values (rather than aggressive advancement).

The Libra eclipse brings a moment of clarity regarding your personal routines and health—find a balance between your work and personal life. For Taurus, March is a month to dream big, but also to remember the value of the small steps and daily practices that keep you grounded and healthy. Embrace this time to reflect on your path, ensuring that it not only leads to success but also to personal fulfillment and well-being.

March strain: Taurus, as you gear up this March to overcome long-standing obstacles of self-reflection with newfound courage, let the enduring Tahoe OG be your companion. Its potently calming effects align perfectly with your need for both sociability and deep, solo introspection, helping you to maintain your pleasant demeanor while you navigate significant personal changes. Embrace the transformation with Tahoe OG by your side, enhancing those moments of connection and progress with its grounding presence.



March promises to be a month of profound introspection and vibrant social interactions for Gemini. As the cosmos dances through its busy agenda, you’ll find yourself caught between a desire to delve deep into your inner world and an irresistible pull towards your social circle. The Jupiter semi-square Neptune early in the month nudges you towards exploring your spiritual beliefs and creative talents.

Geminis, time to meditate—perhaps with the aid of calming Cannabis strains—to gain clarity on your aspirations and the illusions that might hold you back. Trust your intuition and allow your natural curiosity to guide you towards deeper truths.

As the month progresses and Venus, followed by Mars, enters Pisces, your focus shifts towards your friendships and community involvement. These transits illuminate the part of your chart associated with hopes, dreams, and social connections, urging you to connect on a more emotional level with those around you. The full moon lunar eclipse in Libra further highlights your need for balance in relationships, prompting you to evaluate your social interactions and the give-and-take within them.

This is a pivotal time for Gemini to reassess who truly supports your growth, and who may be draining your energy. Embrace the changes this month brings with open arms, guiding you towards more meaningful connections and a clearer understanding of your personal goals and desires.

March strain: It might be time for a Sopranos rewatch. Gemini, as March energizes you with the strength to dive into new physical and creative ventures, Gabagool is the perfect strain to match your dynamic spirit. Its uplifting and euphoric effects will fuel your adventurous side, encouraging you to embrace those handicrafts, sports, and home improvements with a zest that only a Gemini can. Let Gabagool be your muse and companion as you channel this month’s boundless energy into creating unforgettable experiences and exploring the depths of your creativity.


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Welcome to March, Cancer. The cosmic activity this month, starting with Jupiter forming a semi-square to Neptune, invites you to delve into the depths of your career aspirations and the motivations behind them. It’s a prime time for Cancers to use meditation or Cannabis as tools for introspection to clarify your vision and dissolve any fears or clouding your judgment. This period is about aligning your career with your soul’s purpose, ensuring that what you pursue brings fulfillment beyond material success.

As Venus and Mars enter Pisces later in the month, the focus shifts towards your broader worldview and the pursuit of knowledge, whether through travel, education, or spiritual exploration. These transits highlight the desire to expand your horizons and to connect with beliefs and philosophies that resonate with your core. Venus in Pisces enhances your empathy and connection to different cultures and ideas, making it an ideal time to embrace new learning opportunities or spiritual practices.

Mars in Pisces, meanwhile, provides the motivation to actively seek out these growth experiences, though with a gentle push rather than a forceful shove. The lunar eclipse in Libra illuminates your home and family sector, reminding you of the importance of balance between your quest for knowledge and the comfort of your personal sanctuary. For Cancer, March is a month of growth beyond your comfort zone while staying rooted in what gives you emotional security and peace.

March strain: All growth starts with planting a seed, crab, so start with Magic Beans. This hybrid strains offers the perfect blend of relaxation and inspiration to keep your spirits high and your body rested. Its soothing effects align with your need for rest and recuperation, ensuring you don’t overdo it while nurturing your creative spark for those good ideas waiting to be realized. 



As the universe signals a busy month ahead, the dreamy essence of Pisces season encourages you to dive into your creative reservoirs, Leo. The early part of the month with Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, urging you to dream big and to question the boundaries of what you believe is possible.

This is a splendid time for Leos to engage with their artistic side through traditional forms of art, exploring new creative outlets, or incorporating the mindful use of Cannabis to unlock deeper levels of creativity and intuition. Embrace this period as an opportunity to expand your vision and to connect with the universal source of inspiration.

As the month progresses and Venus and Mars enter Pisces, your focus shifts towards home and family life, highlighting the importance of nurturing your personal sanctuary. Venus in Pisces enhances your capacity for empathy and understanding, making it an ideal time to heal any rifts or to strengthen bonds with loved ones.

Mars in Pisces, meanwhile, motivates action on the home front, whether that’s embarking on a home improvement project or addressing unresolved emotional matters. Libra’s full moon eclipse casts its light on your social life and friendships, to find a balance between your personal interests and the needs of your community. For Leo, March is a month to blend the richness of your inner life with the warmth of your outer world, creating harmony between your personal desires and the collective good.

March strain: Leo, as you ride the wave of enthusiasm this March, embracing every challenge with your trademark zeal, The Gift strain stands ready to match your fiery spirit. Its soothing effects will help balance your intense energy, ensuring you remain the center of attention for all the right reasons, without letting irritability take the lead. Let The Gift be your ally in navigating the month’s duality, enhancing your natural leadership and creativity while keeping you grounded amidst envy and admiration.



Strap in, Virgo. The dreamy influence of Pisces season alights your subconscious to express your innermost thoughts and feelings. The early part of the month is characterized by Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune, an aspect that encourages you to question your beliefs and to seek deeper understanding. This is a prime time for Virgo to engage in reflective practices, such as journaling or meditation, in order to look beyond the surface and to connect with your intuition, offering insights into your dreams and the messages they hold.

As Venus and Mars parade into Pisces, the emphasis shifts towards your relationships and communication. This transit invites you to listen deeply and to express your feelings with gentleness and understanding. Mars in Pisces energizes your communicative efforts, encouraging you to take action on your ideas and to advocate for yourself and others with sensitivity.

The impending lunar eclipse underlines your career and public standing, prompting a reevaluation of your professional goals and the balance between your work and personal life. For Virgo, March is a month to bridge the gap between your inner world and your outer expressions, ensuring that your daily practices and communications reflect your true self and your deepest aspirations.

March strain: Virgo, we don’t blame you needing some R&R as you immerse yourself in learning and creativity this March. So, make time for Powernap, the perfect strain to support your analytical endeavors and ensure your well-being amidst a busy schedule. Its relaxing effects will help you maintain the balance between your intense work ethic and the essential rest your body needs, preventing burnout and fostering mental clarity. 



March unfolds as a pivotal month for Libra, marked by significant cosmic movements that promise to stir both inner and outer worlds. The serene and introspective energy of Pisces season invites you to delve into the realms of partnership and intimacy. The early part of the month, highlighted by Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune, blurs the lines between dreams and reality, urging you to question what it truly means to connect on a soul level.

This celestial influence is perfect for Libras seeking to deepen their bonds or find clarity in their relationships, possibly finding solace in shared moments of mindfulness or meditation. It’s a time for heartfelt conversations and for listening to the unspoken as you navigate the waters of intimacy with grace and empathy.

As Venus and Mars make their entrance into Pisces, balancing shared resources and deeper commitments are key. Venus brings a compassionate and understanding energy to your closest relationships, while Mars motivates you to address and act on deeper issues, blending passion with intuition.

The Libra lunar eclipse marks a significant moment of personal revelation and transformation. It’s a time to release what no longer serves you and to embrace the changes necessary for your growth. For Libra, March is about finding balance between giving and receiving, and between your individuality and your commitments to others. Embrace the shifts this month brings, allowing them to guide you towards more fulfilling and meaningful connections.

March strain: With spring comes the glistening beauty of new flowers, lush greenery, and the Cannabis harvest. Libra, as you navigate through March with your innate charm and a keen sense for balance and beauty, Glitter Bomb is the perfect strain to complement your journey. Its vibrant effects will enhance your social grace and add a sparkle to your interactions, while looking good doing it. 


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March beckons Scorpio into a period of profound personal and relational transformation, underpinned by a series of significant cosmic events. The ethereal energy of Pisces season invites you to explore the depths of your relationships and engage with the complexities of intimacy and shared resources. The early part of the month stirs your waters of intuition and spiritual insight with Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune.

This aspect challenges you to dream bigger, and question the boundaries that you and others have set. It’s an excellent time for Scorpio to delve into practices that enhance self-awareness, such as meditation or the mindful use of Cannabis; prepare for a reevaluation of your emotional and financial entanglements.

As Venus and Mars glide into Pisces, the spotlight shines on your daily routines and health, prompting a harmonious blend of action and introspection in your approach to self-care and work. Venus in Pisces softens the daily grind, infusing your routines with creativity and compassion, while Mars in Pisces energizes you to pursue your tasks with intuition and to tackle any health-related issues with a proactive spirit.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in Libra illuminates your twelfth house of closure, spirituality, and the subconscious, offering a moment of profound reflection and the opportunity to release what no longer serves your highest good. For Scorpio, March is a month of deep healing and preparation, a time to clear the old and make way for the new, ensuring that your path forward is aligned with your truest self and highest aspirations.

March strain: Don’t take it personal! Scorpio, as you seek comfort and emotional safety this riotous March, Karma Bitch is the strain that mirrors your depth and intensity, offering a sanctuary in times of need. Its potent effects, drawing from Haze and OG parents, provide the emotional armor you crave, enhancing your ability to connect deeply with those close to you or find solace in your own company. 



March presents Sagittarius with a canvas of cosmic activity that encourages exploration of creativity, romance, and self-expression. The gentle waves of Pisces season invite you to dive into the depths of your heart, urging you to connect with your passions and to share your unique light with the world. The early part of the month is illuminated by Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune, an aspect that blurs the lines between inspiration and illusion, challenging you to distinguish between your genuine desires and mere fantasies.

This celestial influence is a call to adventure for Sagittarius to explore new forms of creative expression and embrace the spiritual journey of self-discovery, whether it’s through travel, artistic endeavors, or the mindful exploration of consciousness aided by Cannabis.

As Venus and Mars enter Pisces, the focus shifts to your home and family life, bringing a wave of compassion, empathy, and emotional depth to your personal sphere. Venus in Pisces enhances the harmony and beauty in your domestic environment, making it an ideal time to create a sanctuary that reflects your spirit. Mars in Pisces, meanwhile, stirs up energy around home projects or family dynamics, encouraging you to take action with sensitivity and intuition.

Libra’s lunar eclipse activates your sector of friendships and community, highlighting the importance of balance and reciprocity in your social connections. This lunar event prompts a reevaluation of your role within your network and the collective—how can you contribute to the greater good while also fulfilling your personal aspirations? For Sagittarius, March is a month of heartfelt connections and creative pursuits, a time to nurture your inner flame and to share its warmth with those around you.

March strain: Sagittarius, as you step into March with a surge of self-confidence and a calendar full of social engagements, you need a companion for your singular approach to life. So, Think Different, and enjoy the strain that aligns with your expansive mindset. Its uplifting and creative effects will fuel your natural desire to explore, innovate, and connect on deeper levels with those around you. Let Think Different enhance your journey this month, inspiring you to embrace your unique sense of humor and curiosity, and to think outside the box as you ponder your future.



Welcome to March, Capricorn. The introspective energy of Pisces season invites you to delve into the realms of your mind and a deeper exploration of your thoughts, ideas, and the way you connect with those around you. Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune early on bridges your dreams and reality, urging you to question your beliefs and the foundations upon which you build your life.

This is a potent time for Capricorn to engage in reflective practices, such as journaling or meditation. This period calls for a reevaluation of your communication strategies and the ways you share your truth with the world, encouraging authenticity and openness in your interactions.

As Venus and Mars make their way into Pisces, your immediate environment and the dynamics of your daily interactions become paramount. Venus fosters a more empathetic and compassionate exchange of ideas; listen as much as you speak. Mars, on the other hand, energizes you to pursue your ideas with passion and advocate for yourself and others with a blend of courage and sensitivity.

The lunar eclipse and full moon in Libra illuminates your career and public standing, prompting a moment of reflection on your professional goals and the balance between your personal and professional life. For Capricorn, March is a month of mindful communication and reflection, a time to align your words and actions with your deepest values and to navigate your professional world with integrity and purpose.

March strain: As you take the challenges of March on the chin, Capricorn, navigating through the complexities of relationships and unexpected changes requires a little dirty work. Filthy Animal is the strain that mirrors your resilience and depth. Its potent effects will provide the strength and clarity needed to confront and overcome any disappointments, encouraging you to channel your energy into creative and constructive outlets. 



March offers Aquarius a unique blend of cosmic energies that spotlight finances, personal values, and self-worth set against a backdrop of significant celestial movements. As Pisces season flows, it urges you to reflect on your resources, both tangible and intangible. The early part of the month is marked by Jupiter’s semi-square to Neptune, an aspect that challenges you to dream big while staying grounded in reality.

This celestial influence encourages a deep dive into your beliefs about abundance and success, prompting you to question and refine your approach to achieving financial stability. It’s an excellent time for Aquarius to explore innovative ways to enhance your income or to invest in personal development, perhaps finding inspiration in the creative and spiritual realms, where the mindful use of Cannabis can open new perspectives on value and worth.

As Venus and Mars enter Pisces, focus on communication, and a more empathetic and intuitive exchange of ideas. Venus in Pisces allows you to connect with others on a deeper emotional level, while Mars in Pisces drives you to pursue your ideas with passion and creativity. This combination supports a harmonious balance between listening and expressing, making it an ideal time for collaborative projects or for advocating on issues close to your heart.

The Libra lunar eclipse activates your sector of higher learning and belief systems, highlighting a quest for knowledge and truth. This lunar event urges you to consider how your beliefs align with your actions and to seek balance between your inner wisdom and the information you share with the world. For Aquarius, March is a month of financial introspection and communicative breakthroughs, a time to align your material goals with your deepest values and to share your unique insights with clarity and compassion.

March strain: Aquarius, as you embark on a journey of knowledge and spiritual exploration this March, Black Domina is the perfect strain to accompany your intellectual and soulful quest. It’s an old school indica strain that weaves ethereal effects from landrace strains that enhance your natural curiosity and creativity, making it easier to absorb new information and delve into the spiritual realms you’re drawn to. 

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