If you’re in Los Angeles, you know that a long weekend calls for setting the vibes just right. And who better to guide us than our favorite weed influencer, Biz? With his finger on the pulse of the Cannabis scene, Biz shares his top picks to elevate your long weekend experience.

Keef classic soda – Orange kush 100mg

by Keef Brands

Introducing your new favorite orange soda: 100mg Orange Kush by Keef. With refreshing notes of orange citrus flavor and just the right amount of carbonation, this caffeine-free delight is perfect for any occasion. Infused with rotating Hybrid strains, it offers a consistent and enjoyable experience. Available in varying doses across states, you can find this sparkling treat in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Oregon.

Biz’s strain list

Triple Lindy by Blueprint

Garlic Cocktail by 710 labs

Pink Picasso by Wonderbrett

Mimosa by No Till Kings

Lantz by Ridgeline Farms

Product recommendation

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Recommended product

It takes a special sort of company to take a top-of-the-line, award-winning product like the MIGHTY and try to improve it, but S&B are just built different. The MIGHTY+ is a high water mark for the industry, setting new standards for convenience and power in a handheld by using a dual convection/conduction heating system. STORZ & BICKEL have improved the design over the classic MIGHTY, adding a ceramic coating filling chamber and an accelerated recharge capability two QOL improvements that make the MIGHTY+ a star.

Weekend recommendations

But what about weekend plans? Biz has got you covered:

Giggle Garden Consumption Lounge: Swing by The Woods dispensary and visit Awan for some fire vegan ice cream.

Atrium Dispensary in Topanga: Grab some goodies and then head to the Topanga Social food court at Topanga Mall for a culinary adventure.

Smorgasburg LA: Indulge in the culinary delights while enjoying a leisurely stroll.

The Pottery Dispensary: Treat yourself to some cookies at Le’id Cookies for their Guava Snickerdoodle cookie.

Planet 13 in OC: Visit the largest dispensary in CA and then venture to Little Saigon for some authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

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