A bill introduced last week in Kentucky would ban delta-8 THC products in the state, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports. Kentucky Hemp Association President Katie Moyer told the Journal that if the bill is approved it would “probably end Kentucky’s hemp industry as we know it.” 

“We are at the point where Kentucky (hemp) farmers, processors and retailers are grasping at straws, trying to sell anything that we possibly are allowed to sell.” — Moyer to the Courier Journal 

The measure is nearly identical to a bill proposed in the state last year that passed the Senate but died in the House. One of the bill’s co-sponsors, Rep. Rebecca Raymer (R), told the journal that she has concerns over the cannabinoid due to questions over potential “long-term side effects.” 

“As a health care provider and a mother, I’m hopeful this bill will lead to meaningful conversations about these substances and their impact on minors and public health,” she said in a statement to the Courier-Journal.

Moyer said the legislation could lead to a ban on other full-spectrum hemp products, including non-intoxicating ones.  

Gov. Andy Beshear (D) has said he would oppose a delta-8 ban. In his executive orders issued last fall that allow some people to acquire medical Cannabis products out-of-state and possess them in Kentucky, he specified that delta-8 products must meet certain rules, including packaging and labeling requirements. 

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