Daytime smokers across 37 US legalization states (and beyond) have even longer days to seize and fill with fire in June—it’s a tall order. I Love Growing Marijuana and Phylos Bioscience want us all to keep it simple with a page out of their book. Their new premium Biscotti Bliss is our June HighLight.

Blissful Biscotti goes heavy on the Biscotti, with a cross of (Biscotti x Biscotti) x EZBake AF to bring out this crowd pleaser’s best attributes. Leafly readers have dubbed Biscotti with a 4.5 based on 616 reviews. ILGM + Phylos Bioscience launch their collaborative line to guarantee growers and consumers a line of strains that are easy to grow and produce consistently delicious hits and euphoric effects. 

Biscotti Bliss strikes a balance of keeping the mind at ease while blasting consumers with a creative surge. It tends to creep up on you, per multiple Leafly reviewers, so that initial energy may mellow out into a couchside experience.  

Biscotti buds are known for their blocky, nodular buds that shine in purple and green shades. Biscotti Bliss buds err on the green side, with russet orange hairs. 

While Biscotti Bliss hasn’t had the time to marinate with consumers yet, Biscotti has many a loyal fan. 

Biscotti from Tradecraft Farms (Courtesy Biscotti)
Biscotti from Tradecraft Farms. (Courtesy Biscotti)

“Biscotti is my favorite strain of all time. In a concentrate when you see the more psychoactive side of its personality, you’ll be met with one of the most unique headspaces I’ve found from Cannabis. It feels like your brain is operating at 100%” said one Leafly reviewer.

“Biscotti is without a doubt my favorite strain at the moment…I felt every ounce of tension slowly leave my body. After that an intense and euphoric (but not overwhelming) head high snuck up on me and slowly settled into a sociable body high. It’s also worth mentioning that the bud is visually beautiful,” said another. 

It can also be an instant anxiety killer, as one reviewer wrote: “OH SWEET BABY JESUS IN A PITA POCKET!…One bowl later and I am a happy girl again. Anxiety is long gone. I’m giggly and relaxed.”

“This strain is the first thing I think of when I’m in the worst pain. Such a great body high that melts all pain and puts the mind at ease,” said another.

Who has the most Blissful Biscotti?

ILGM and Phylos Bioscience put a little twist on a Cookies strain that permeates dispo menus coast to coast. If you can’t find Blissful Biscotti, we have plenty of straight Biscotti options for you. 

In California, Fresno is teeming with Biscotti buds, joints, edibles, and carts that range from $12 to $60. 

Colorado has plenty of Biscotti solventless dabs for $45 and $60 full-gram vapes on deck in addition to buds.

Between St Louis and Kansas City, Missouri is teeming with all amounts of Biscotti flower, from eighths to $200 ounces.  

Portland, Maine, is teeming with $28 bags and doob tubes of Biscotti. 

Chicago also has discrete carts, big nugs, and joints in Biscotti flavors all under $40. 

marijuana plants with purple and green leaves and purple and mint-green colas growing outdoors
Strawberry Biscotti grown at Happy Day Farm.

Biscotti Bliss seeds

Biscotti Bliss seeds come exclusively from IGLM+Phylos Bioscience as part of their line of feminized and autoflowering seeds. They worked on this Biscotti cross to cut down on flowering time, optimize yields, and ensure the plants grow into healthy, mold and pest-resistent powerhouses. Seeds can be purchased on the ILGM website.


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Biscotti Bliss awards

After a decade in heady seshes and dispensary shelves from Califronia to Oklahoma and New York, Biscotti has spent plenty of time on the award circus. This family of strains has taken home trophies intercontinentally, from a 2018 win at the Amsterdam High Times Cup to a top 10 finish at the 2023 Emerald Cup and spots at the California State Fair Cannabis Awards. 

Special Pick: Phylos Premium Lime Glow on ILGM

ILGM and Phylos Bioscience empower home growers to reach their fullest potential with genetically stable F1 Hybrid seeds. Phylos has deciphered the genome of the Cannabis plant, and selected for the markers of greatness. Shop the Phylos collab line of Cannabis seeds from ILGM in three categories: Elite, Premium, and Autoflower.


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Biscotti Bliss terpenes

Like its doubled-up parent, Biscotti Bliss has the Bisscoff terps on lock, but with some herbaceous twists. In addition to myrcene and caryophyllene, which help give Biscotti’s many crosses its blend of diesel and earthen vanilla notes, Biscotti Bliss also produces humulene and ocimene, adding a bit of berry and pine to its profile.

Other highlights this June

Can’t buy our HighLight? Don’t cry, dry your eyes—with three related or seasonal picks.

Pineapple Donut

This ILGM+Phylos collaborative strain evokes both the beach and the bakery. Pineapple Donut comes from Franken Cakes x Gorilla Diesel #3, a combo that delivers a sweet and herbal mouth of terps with the same perky buzz as Biscotti Bliss. 

Cheddar Cheeze

This veers a bit from the sweeter palate of Biscotti Bliss with some savory and salty funk. Cheddar Cheeze pairs CakeMints/Platinum GSC x Gorilla Diesel #3, so you still get that signature euphoria that comes from a bowl of Biscotti. 

Sweet Tartz

Call this Biscotti Bliss’ cousin, as Sweet Tartz shares the male parent of EZBake AF, but paired with the mother BlackLimeGMO.

Bonus pick: Lime Glow Auto

Get sour citrus terps in an easy-to-grow format with the Phylos+ILGM Lime Glow Auto. Lime Glow auto combines OG Kush x Skunk #1 x EZBake AF to finish automagically in 12 to 14 weeks.

OK, there’s your morning cup of juice to get you going in June. The days don’t get any longer—so make each one count!

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