The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) is banning hemp and hemp-derived ingredients in animal feed, pet food, and supplements sold in the state beginning November 1. The move is in consensus with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Association of Animal Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) which have not approved the use of hemp or hemp-derived ingredients in animal feed. 

“Safe levels of hemp and hemp-derived products in animal feed have not yet been established under federal or state law. As such, these products are not approved feed ingredients and cannot lawfully be added to or incorporated into commercial feed. This includes feeds, treats and remedies intended for pets, livestock, or any other animal.” — ISDA in a July 20 memorandum  

Idaho legalized hemp in 2021 but the ISDA notes that the law “did not legalize hemp in every setting or product type.” The agency indicated it is “working with new hemp licensees and animal feed companies to understand what is legal in the state.”  

“Interest in hemp animal feeds and remedies has grown significantly, and these products are known to be available online and in retail stores,” the ISDA says in the memorandum. “We recognize that some states have adopted laws and rules that allow for hemp to be included in human and animal foods.” 

The agency said it would begin inspecting for hemp and hemp-derived animal feeds starting November 1 and violations will be subject to a stop-sale order and possible “further action” from regulators.  

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