Get approved for your Illinois medical Cannabis card in minutes.

All across the country, millions of people are waking up to the incredible relief provided by medical marijuana. Having a medical marijuana card gives patients access to the many documented health benefits of Cannabis, which can have a marked effect on the quality of life for patients who suffer from dozens of common health issues. Even in states like Illinois, where recreational Cannabis is legal and dispensaries are widespread, there are major benefits for patients who get a medical card.

Read on to find our step-by-step guide on how to get a medical card in Illinois. Plus, we’ll take a look at the perks Illinois residents can look forward to after signing up.

In the past, signing up for a medical marijuana card came with a frustrating amount of bureaucracy from doctors, insurance agencies, and the government. Thanks to Leafwell, those days are over. They simplify the process, slashing through red tape and getting patients the relief they need without all the fuss. They’ve helped over 300,000 patients link up with reliable healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes, and that number grows every day. 

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The benefits of a medical card in Illinois 

In Illinois and other states where Cannabis is legal for recreational use, many Cannabis consumers don’t look into what a medical card can do for them. That means that vast numbers of people who would qualify for a medical marijuana card, with all the perks that entails, are spending more for their Cannabis than they need to be. In fact, for regular Cannabis consumers, adding a medical card to your wallet is one of the best ways to hold on to more of your hard-earned money every month. 

Significant sales tax savings

Recreational consumers will pay up to 30% sales tax on Cannabis in Illinois. That’s among the highest percentages in the nation, meaning that Illinois residents are paying top dollar for their Cannabis. For medical card holders, however, the amount of sales tax paid comes down to a mere 1%. For orders both big and small, that means real, appreciable savings that will immediately impact your bottom line.

Higher possession limits

Medical card holders in Illinois are also able to purchase significantly more Cannabis at one time than recreational consumers. Those without a medical marijuana card are only able to possess a single ounce of Cannabis products, but medical card holders can purchase 2.5 ozs of Cannabis products per 14-day period. That’s an awful lot of Cannabis—enough to ensure that even those who need the strongest of relief will be well stocked.

Cannabis-nbsp”>Grow your own Cannabis 

Illinois residents with a medical card have access to one additional benefit that sets them apart. While it is currently illegal to grow Cannabis for recreational use in Illinois, medical card holders can grow up to five plants with the full support of the law. If you’ve got the space, the seeds, and the inclination, growing your own Cannabis is by far the most economical (and rewarding!) way to acquire Cannabis. All you need is a little sunshine, a green thumb, and a medical card to start saving money hand over fist. 

Sounds pretty good, right? Luckily, Leafwell has a lightning-fast process that will get you set up with an appointment in just minutes. If you’re ready to get started right away, click the link below, or keep reading for our step-by-step guide. 

How to get a medical card in Illinois
Courtesy of Leafwell

Step 1: Gather documents and register online 

Documents you’ll need

Once you’re ready to sign up for your medical marijuana card, you’ll want to ensure that you have the documents you need to keep the process moving smoothly. If that sounds a bit too much like a visit to the DMV, don’t worry. Leafwell handles the majority of the paperwork so that you can relax. All you need in the great state of Illinois is a state-issued ID, proof of residence, and a 2” x 2” color photo, like the type you’d find in a passport. Once you have this handful of documentation, then you’ll be ready to go.

Caveat for Commerical Drivers

The Illinois state government places few restrictions on who is eligible for medical Cannabis, but there is one notable exception that bears mentioning here. If you hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), you are not eligible to receive medical Cannabis benefits. This is due to the asymmetry between state and federal law regarding Cannabis; since CDLs are issued by the federal Department of Transportation rather than a state government, CDL holders are subject to federal regulations instead.

Schedule your online appointment

After you’ve gathered the necessary documents, you can head to Leafwell’s website and schedule your telehealth appointment with a trained healthcare provider. Leafwell has relentlessly engineered their process to be as patient-friendly as possible, ensuring that you’ll have a scheduled appointment in just a few minutes with no hitches or bumps along the way.

How to get a medical card in Illinois
Courtesy of Leafwell

Step 2: Attend a telehealth appointment 

Most of the time, dealing with the healthcare system in any capacity means dealing with a byzantine labyrinth of regulations and provisions. Leafwell’s streamlined telehealth process takes a different approach; one that values your time and treats you like a human being. Leafwell’s expert team of healthcare providers are some of the best in the business, and you can consult with them from the comfort of your couch. For prospective medical Cannabis patients who struggle with issues of mobility or pain, Leafwell’s focus on telehealth can be a godsend. 

Meet with a healthcare provider online

During your appointment, a friendly, knowledgeable healthcare provider will review your medical documents, discuss the potential benefits of medical Cannabis, and consult with you on how to best use Cannabis products. This process is a breeze, and you’ll find that the personable provider on the other side of your call will make a real effort to understand your specific needs and help you discover new ways of incorporating Cannabis into your day-to-day to improve your quality of life. If everything checks out, you’ll be approved and your medical marijuana card will nearly be in your hands. 

Leafwell recommends waiting a day or two before moving on to the next step of the process. This gives your Leafwell healthcare provider time to submit your information to the Illinois state government. After those two days have passed, feel free to move on to step three.  

Step 3: Complete your application with ICTS 

How to get a medical card in Illinois
Courtesy of Leafwell

Within ninety days of your Leafwell approval, you’ll need to register on the Illinois Cannabis Tracking System (ICTS). The ICTS is the governing body that oversees all medical Cannabis applications in Illinois, a last bureaucratic hurdle that must be cleared. Leafwell will send along instructions for completing this application after your successful telehealth appointment, so don’t stress out about it; all you need to do is fill out a few forms and pay a nominal fee. This is a direct payment to the state government, not to Leafwell. 

How to get a medical card in Illinois
Courtesy of Leafwell

Receive your digital medical marijuana card

After another waiting period of one or two business days, you’ll receive a provisional letter, posted to your ICTS account. Congratulations! This is the last step—once you’ve been approved you can walk into any licensed medical marijuana dispensary and enjoy all the benefits of a full medical marijuana card. You won’t receive a physical card anymore—a sign of our times—but an official digital marijuana card will arrive in your inbox sometime within the next ninety days. This is merely a formality, however. The second you have your provisional license, you’ll receive all the benefits of a full, official card. 

Leafwell is an essential partner for anyone looking for the incredible benefits that only medical Cannabis can provide. Their customer-focused process has helped over 300,000 people achieve relief nationwide, and they aren’t slowing down.

Head to Leafwell’s website to sign up for an appointment with a kind and qualified provider, read the latest research on medical Cannabis, check out Leafwell’s blog, or get help from their helpful support team. There’s no reason to wait; use code LEAFLY20 at checkout to save on your medical Cannabis card today. 

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