A bill in North Carolina to regulate hemp-derived Cannabis products passed the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, WRAL News reports. The measure would limit the CBD content of hemp-derived products to 200 milligrams, impose license requirements for selling the products, and create marketing and packaging regulations. 

The bill also includes new regulations for kratom products, including an age requirement of 18 to purchase the products. 

Under the measure, licensees must be 18-years-old, have not been convicted of a felony relating to a controlled substance within 10 years, allow inspection and sampling of products, and be current in filing and paying taxes. 

The bill includes a schedule of licensing fees, including $5,000 for manufacturers, $2,500 for distributors, and $100 per location for both in-person and online retailers, up to $2,500. The licenses would need to be renewed annually. 

Packaging of CBD products would need to be child-proof and include a warning label. The products would also need to include a list of ingredients, a statement that acknowledges the product is not approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration, list the total amount of hemp-derived cannabinoids in milligrams, and feature a code that could be scanned for more information. The measure also bans products that could appeal to children. 

The legislation moves next to the House Appropriations Committee. 

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