Exclusive deals, awesome swag, limited-edition giveaways—High Profile is your home for 420.

Get ready for high festival vibes! High Profile Cannabis Shops hosts its 420DAZE celebration from 4/13–4/21, bringing you exclusive deals, limited-edition merch, and a sizzling concert experience. This is the biggest and best time of year for Cannabis, and High Profile is here to make sure it’s extra epic with tons of deals on your favorite brands and products.

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Cloud Cover is coming in hot at High Profile with 420 giveaways in Michigan, Missouri, and Massachusetts. Spend $75 or more on Cloud Cover’s line of premium flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and concentrates and receive a limited-edition bucket hat. If you spend $25 on Cloud Cover, you’ll get a pack of limited-edition rolling papers.

Are you a part of the High Rollers Rewards program? 420 is the perfect time to sign up to access exclusive member perks like concert tickets and more.

High Profile has the heat! Read on to see some of the best 420 deals in your state, with a whole lot more in-store at a location near you.


Find fire 420 deals at High Profile in Michigan

  • $20 select Cloud Cover pre-packed eighths (4/13–4/21)
  • $15 select Galactic pre-packed eighths (4/15–4/21)
  • 2 for $150 select Galactic pre-packed ounces (4/15–4/21)
  • 5 for $99 Galactic 1g Rosin Concentrates (4/15–4/21)
  • 1 for $40 or 2 for $75 Hello Farms pre-packed ounces (4/15–4/21)
  • 25% off Rise & LOCO products (4/15–4/21)
  • 50% off Good Tide edibles (4/18–4/21)


Fresh 420 deals for you at High Profile in Missouri

  • 25% off Vivid & Buoyant Bob flower and Proper pre-packed eighths (4/15–4/21)
  • 30% off Vibe flower (4/15–4/21)
  • Buy one, get one 50% off Kushy Punch AIO Vapes (4/15–4/21)
  • 25% off Amaze, Nugz, Flav, FUBAR, Clouds, Sunday Papers, and Dealer’s Choice (4/15–4/21)
  • 42.0% off Grön Edibles (4/15–4/21)
  • Buy two, get one for $0.01 Proper Concentrates (4/15–4/21)


420DAZE in Illinois means High Profile’s hottest deals are here

  • 15% off RHYTHM, Good Green, Dogwalkers, &Shine, Beboe, Incredibles, and Doctor Solomon’s (4/15–4/21)
  • 20% off Legacy & Safety Meeting (4/16)
  • 20% off CultivArt & Fruit Stand (4/18–4/21)
  • Buy two, get one for $0.01 Aeriz eighths (4/20)
  • Buy three, get one for $0.01 Daze Off Taste Buds edibles (4/20)
  • Buy two, get one for $0.01 Daze Off Pot Rocket pre-rolls (4/20)


Check out some of Massachusetts’ best offers at High Profile

  • $15 Trees Company eighths (4/16)
  • $100 Galactic Deli Smalls ounces (4/16, 4/19–4/21)
  • $35 for five 1g Resinate pre-rolls (4/16)
  • $35 for five 1g Cloud Cover pre-rolls (4/18–4/21)
  • $30 for five 1g Galactic pre-rolls (4/18–4/21)
  • $75 High Profile pre-packed ounces (4/20)

420DAZE is the biggest celebration of weed’s best day, so get ready to grab your High Profile 420DAZE lawn chairs and groove at a location near you! High Profile curates and sells premium Cannabis flower and products, offering you high vibes for the holiday. Find deals on all your favorites and explore new highlights while you’re there.

Cloud Cover giveaway offer valid 4/13–4/21 at all High Profile locations in Michigan and Missouri, and all High Profile x Budegas in Massachusetts, while supplies last. 

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