Curio Wellness is now available in Missouri! Celebrate all month long with buy one, get one for a penny.

420 is here and, this year, there’s something extra special to celebrate! Curio Wellness is officially available in Missouri. The family-owned business has made waves in their home state of Maryland with high-quality products and a reputation for science-backed innovation. Now the popular brand has landed in Missouri, bringing their top-selling Chews and offering a sweet deal so you can stock up and celebrate weed’s biggest day all month long.

Buy one, get one for a penny on all Curio Wellness products for the month of April. Grab this deal and buy one Curio Wellness product and get a second of the same product for just a single cent!

To help you get acquainted with the kind of 420 fire Curio Wellness is bringing to Missouri, here are our top product picks available now from the brand. Fill your bag and start the party!

Juicy Watermelon Curio Wellness Chews

420 in Missouri
Courtesy of Curio Wellness

Bite into ripe, refreshing watermelon with these crave-worthy chews by Curio Wellness. Infused with CO2 distillate extracted from premium Curio Wellness flower and crafted with only natural flavors and colors, you get the best of the garden patch in every piece.

Perfectly sweet, these delicious chews may offer euphoric effects and come in a range of THC potency options—10mg, 25mg, or 40mg THC per piece—so you can design your dose to fit your 420 dreams.

Black Cherry Vanilla Curio Wellness Chews

420 in Missouri
Courtesy of Curio Wellness

You deserve a little something sweet this 420, so why not pick up a pack of Black Cherry Vanilla Chews from Curio Wellness? It’s no wonder why these chews are award-winning—they start with a sweet cherry taste and a perfectly balanced hint of vanilla before bringing on waves of euphoria and end-of-day relief that’ll have you waving the day’s stressors goodbye.

Curio Wellness Chews have proven to be Maryland’s favorite edible in their home state for the past five years running, with BDSA data clocking them as the #1 selling edible year-over-year. Now that Cannabis consumers in Missouri can experience their gelatin-free, pure Cannabis oil perfection, you’ll want to stock up while this 420 buy one, get one for a penny offer is hot.

White Peach Curio Wellness Chews

420 in Missouri
Courtesy of Curio Wellness

Say hello to spring with White Peach Curio Wellness Chews. If you want to feel heavenly this 420, indulge in the bite of delicate peach flavor and pure Cannabis goodness that these delicious little wonders bring. The artisanal flavor feels like a real treat, but it’s the beautifully balanced THC effects that’ll have you dreaming of your next chew rendezvous.

Available in three different precisely dosed potencies, you can choose from 10mg, 25mg, or 40mg THC options to match your selection with your tolerance level and the strength of effects you’re hoping to experience. 420 is the best time to do as the Allman Brothers Band commands and Eat A Peach.

Good Night Curio Wellness Chews

Image courtesy of Verilife.

Cannabis consumers in Missouri can finally experience the bedtime edible that folks in Maryland have been dreaming sweetly with for years. Showing off Curio Wellness’ knack for thoughtful formulations, Good Night Chews have a smart ratio of 10mg CBN and 5mg THC per piece, specially designed to help promote restful sleep.

And the savvy science doesn’t stop there, the Good Night Chews also hold two US patents for their proprietary pulse-release delivery system, helping consumers fall asleep and, importantly, stay asleep through the night. As a bonus, the tasty blueberry flavor will have you looking forward to tucking yourself in early.

Courtesy of Curio Wellness

Prepare for the 420 party of a lifetime by picking up Curio Wellness products at your local dispensary this April. All of these products are buy one, get one for a penny all month long to celebrate Curio Wellness’ premium Cannabis products landing in the Show-Me State. 

You can get to know this family-owned business a little better with Curio Wellness pop-ups scheduled throughout April in Kansas City, St. Louis, Joplin, Springfield, Columbia, and Cape Girardeau. Come say hello and meet your new favorite buds.

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