Getting high and sci-fi go together like a Jedi and her lightsaber. 

With rave reviews rolling in for Denis Villeneuve’s epic cinematic masterpiece “Dune 2,” we thought we’d join the legion of fans the only way we know how: With some sweet, sweet weed pairings for your trip to the total desert planet of Arrakis.

Leafly presents a baker’s dozen strains that pair great with “Dune 2”—because of their popularity, effects, name, history, film tie-in, and more.

(By Matt Jackson)
(By Matt Jackson)

Blue Dream

Blue Dream has a focusing effect some patients report helps with ADD. (David Downs/Leafly)
(David Downs/Leafly)

If you want eyes that sparkle blue from huffing spice, start with America’s best-selling strain, Blue Dream. It’s the perfect, balanced hybrid. Patients use the cross of DJ Short’s Blueberry x Haze to manage anxiety, which is really good when you’re trying to avoid fear—the mind-killer. Or ride a sandworm. Or just find parking before the movie starts. 


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Sunset Sherbert

Sunset Sherbet in the Bay Area, circa 2015. (David Downs)
Sunset Sherbet in the Bay Area, circa 2015. (David Downs)

Breeder Mr. Sherninski made Sunset Sherbert strain atop an actual frickin’ sand dune in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco in the early 200s. The whole area was dubbed ‘The Outside Lands’ before The City spread onto the dunes to build The Sunset and Golden Gate Park. Sunset Sherbert has potent with creamy, berry, fuel notes—perfect for those sunsets on Arrakis. It also brings on hunger and relaxation—so order the big tub of popcorn and a sugary drink to stay awake. Sunset Sherbert is a GSC project where the breeder Mr. Sherbinski crossed the top strain to Pink Panties.

Gas Face

Gas Face drippin'. (David Downs/Leafly)
Gas Face drippin’. (David Downs/Leafly)

The Navigators in Dune were said to be in a full spice gas environment—meaning they huffed the hallucinogenic, powerful stuff like they were wearing a gas mask. Hey, it’s the only way around the galaxy. Unlike the navigators, who haven’t been seen on screen yet, this surging strain of 2024, bred by Seed Junky Genetics has been perfected by growers coast to coast. Gas Face is Face Mints x Biscotti x Sherbert. That crazy triple threat produces a devil-may-care effect with the flavor of diesel and a peppery, sweet earthy smells. “Definitely an indica. Very heady. Great for a tasty night time session with friends,” says one Leafly smoker.

Fire OG

Fire Cut's winning Fire OG in 2019. (David Downs/Leafly)
Fire Cut’s winning Fire OG in 2019. (David Downs/Leafly)

Potent OG Kush is the signature strain of Los Angeles, home of the film industry and Hollywood. Fire OG offers an on-brand phenotype that fits the blazing sun of Arrakis, where daytime temps start at 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire OG is named perhaps for its bright orange and red pistils (aka hairs) that sweep over the green leaf. OG’s smell like lemon, pine, fuel, and kush and hit like a roundhouse from Dave Bautista.

The White

Powerful, shiny and abit intense—The White <a href=Cannabis strain. (Matt Jackson for Leafly)” data-testid=”image-picture-image”/>
Powerful, shiny, and a bit intense—The White Cannabis strain. (Matt Jackson for Leafly)

I think we can all agree that Austin Butler is totally chilling as the Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. Just like the pigmentless, hairless villain of the latest Dune film, The White strain has a reputation for having a shiny exterior and less of an odor to the nugs. Originally referred to as “Triangle,” this strain got its new name from the way the buds look dusted in a bag of confectioners sugar. The White is another fast and hard-hitting strain so make sure you have your tickets and snack money all loaded on your phone with face ID. One Leafly reviewer commented, “this shit made me forget my password.” 

Alien OG

Powerful, and exotic like a Sandworm—Alien OG is another legendary OG Kush variety that should deliver searing THC scores, and a potent, body and brain expanding high that’s perfect for getting sucked into a two hour and forty-five minute cinematic wormhole. Though we can’t guarantee you won’t be so high you just stare at that infamous popcorn bucket for twenty minutes. The pine, citrus, and earthy notes in the smell give way to a sweet and hashy flavor. 

Sensi Star

Tips for Growing Sensi Star <a href=Cannabis” data-testid=”image-picture-image”/>
Sensi Star. (File photo)

Just as the planet Arrakis revolves around the great star Canopus, the uplifting energy of Sensi Star will propel you through the vastness of hyperspace. One of the strains that came around in the ‘90s, this has a guarded lineage that contains elements of Skunk and Afghani. Sensi Star doesn’t have a modern flavor or look but they say the resin glands on the plants shine so bright, the buds almost glow-in-the-dark. Light up some of this classic cultivar before the movie to traverse the cosmos like the psychonauts of old. 


The old-school fruity sativa Vortex from the departed legend Subcool still shows up a fair amount in stores, and will be a great pairing for a long-ass sci-fi film. For anyone worried about falling asleep in the theater, this usually has a more manageable THC percentage for being high in public. Even better, it was made from Apollo 13 and Space Queen—so its destiny comes pre-written in the stars. It’s got a lot of Jack Herer and Romulan in it. Many of the phenotypes on this strain tend to have a sour patch kid taste so grab red vines at the snack counter. 

Rocket Fuel

Getting from Caladan to Arrakis requires more than just a navigator, you need a lot of gas like this Archive-bred Rocket Fuel (Jet Fuel OG x Face Off OG). The breeder describes it as a spicy, extra fuel-y OG cross to keep the kush lovers happy. Like a few of the other options on this list, Rocket Fuel has an OG-centric lineage that gives you that nice relaxing body feeling while also leaving you ready to be immersed in new worlds.


Big Hunk takes Fatso to Papaya town. (Courtest Cannarado)
Big Hunk takes Fatso to Papaya town. (Courtest Cannarado)

Enter your Baron Vladimir Harkonnen Era with this Cannarado strain—so named for its ample sized flowers. Just like the Baron, Fatso comes from well known parents: GMO and Legend OG. The result is something quite overripe and leathery like a Harkonnen, with a brutally strong sedating effect and a thick robust smoke that can make it feel like you just lit up a cigar. Caution, Fatso may cause you to sink into your chair like the Baron in a spice bath so if you aren’t a regular smoker maybe make this one the nightcap for after the film.

Space Cake

According to the Dune Encyclopedia, the Arrakan Fremen also had a honied dessert cake called Tabara. In this tradition, light a big joint of Space Cake and it will feel like you’re riding on the back of a giant sand worm, even from the cushions of your IKEA loveseat. With an earthy, nutty flavor, smokers also report notes of berries and vanilla. Space Cake from Bodhi Seeds is reported to be a Forum Cut of Cookies, bred to Snow Lotus, resulting in a high that resonates together like the two frequencies of a dial tone.

Sage N Sour

In the world of Dune, none are more sage or sour than the sisterhood of the Bene Gesserit. Just like the galactic witches in the film have directed the course of their society, Sage N’ Sour has been helping guide Dutch breeders THSeeds for years. A Haze-Afghani crossbred together with Sour Diesel, most Leafly reviews are quick to point out how this strain is a wonderful daytime high that won’t knock you out but will 100% hit you like a Bene Gesserit voice. Relax your arms and let your head float up like an ornithopter in the sky.

The Spice

If you’re going to do something about Dune strains you have to mention the orange-colored melange spice that runs the whole show. There are two existing strains out there with the moniker. The first, a Spice strain from Mr. Nice Seedbank is a mix of Hawaiian Indica and Sativa. The second, “Spice” from NorCal’s Twenty20 Genetics, takes Biscotti and marries it to their masterwork strain The Whip (Strawberry Afghani x Sour Snow).

And that’s your baker’s dozen strains to smoke before your journey to Arrakis! See you later, Space Cowboy!

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