Cannabis is sexy for many reasons—we know this. It revs our mental engines and expands our ideas of giving and receiving those hot, fuzzy feelings. But it also feels good on top. 

When it comes to lube and topicals, studies have found cannabinoids to be effective vasodilators. In short, a weed-infused product applied on the skin can increase blood flow and target specific regions of the body to improve sensitivity for both parties. 

Additional data suggests that our two favorite cannabinoids— THC and CBD—work as a power couple to reduce pain and inflammation when used topically. This trifecta of health effects translates quite well into leisure activities in the bedroom. But hold your horses!


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We always recommend starting at the lowest effective dose. These products have a generally low risk, but consult a doctor before using them to see if they’re right for you. Check the ingredients for any potential allergens, and maybe patch-test the product on your hand or arm before it goes anywhere a little more touchy. 

If weed lube is for you, we got you. Here are the 10 best THC lubes and CBD lubes on the market today. 

Om’s Love Balm & Perfect Balance

$44 for 89 ml

Available: Love Balm in California, Perfect Balance Nationwide

Om Living gives me life. This Sebastopol, CA-based brand was founded in the medical market in 2008 by Maya Elisabeth. 16 years later, Om is a testament to the tenacity and innovation of women entrepreneurs in the space. The brand’s sexy jar of Cannabis-infused Love Balm is award-winning—it took home third place for Best Topical at the 2019 Emerald Cup.

For those not in California, Om Wellness has a CBD accompaniment called Perfect Balance Yoni Balm nationwide. This is silky-smooth to the touch with a fully vegan and cruelty-free ingredients list stacked with emollients like coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil, as well as plant extracts calendula and 1000 mg of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD

Elisabeth’s product lineup as a whole embodies sensuality, seduction, relaxation, and the tingles of a bubble bath. Om rose to fame in California for its bath salts that truly effervesce your nether regions—in the best possible way. The founder hinted that even more potent THC versions of her beloved bath bombs and THC ice water hash gummies will be dropping in the California marketplace soon. 

Kush Queen’s Water-Based Lube Lineup

(Courtesy Kush Queen)

$49.99 for 30 ML for CBD and delta-8; $169.69 for the delta-9 THC bottle

Available: Nationwide. (The delta-8 product cannot be shipped to Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, or Utah.)

Kush Queen is the queen of lube. Founded by Olivia Alexander in 2015, the brand has expanded its lineup to bless consumers with three water-soluble lube options. This means they’re non-staining and approved for use with latex condoms, as well as toys. Your skin will love them, as Kush Queen’s lubes are also petrochemical-free and paraben-free.

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The company offers a Lube Me Up Bundle which includes all three varieties of its award-winning lubricants: a potent 250mg delta-9 THC lube; a soothing CBD lube containing 30 mg of CBD; and a 30 mg delta-8 THC lube. The bundle slides into your DMs at a cool $200 retail. Prepare to stimulate your senses. 

Velvet Swing

(Courtesy Velvet Swing)

$33 for 13 ml

Available: Washington and California

The world’s first water-soluble weed lube, Velvet Swing gracefully glides into its rightful place on this list. Its Seattle-based founders Mistress Matisse and Chelsea Cebara are Cannabis and sex educators with combined decades of expertise in their field. With no Cannabis smell or odor, the lube is mindful of consumers and elevates the experience.

The THC-infused lube is special: Velvet Swing lube is compatible with all condoms and toy materials, including latex, polyisoprene, and silicone. You’ll find 33 mg CBD and 100 mg THC in each Velvet Swing bottle. Its maximum effect can be felt about 40 minutes into playtime and lasts for up to 4 hours. Yes, it contains THC but this lube won’t get you high—that is “unless you ingest a lot of it orally or anally,” the Velvet Swing team says. 

Quim’s Smooth Operator

(Courtesy Quim)

$48 for 30 ml

Available: Nationwide

Smooth Operator is the beloved plant-based intimate serum from Quim, a popular wellness brand for “humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas.” Its co-founders Cyo Ray Nystrom and Rachel Washtien built their plant-praising brand Quim in San Francisco in 2016. The CBD-infused, latex-safe, proprietary formula aims to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, reduce pain, and promote relaxation in all the right places.

Quim’s ingredients are skin-friendly, including aloe vera, sunflower oil, and hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD oil. At around 3.5 mg of CBD per serving, the Quim team suggests applying 5-7 minutes before intimacy. 

Privy Peach’s Intimacy Oil

(Courtesy Privy Peach)

$45 for 36 ml

Available: Nationwide

The CBD-infused Intimacy Oil from Privy Peach is lube list-worthy. Founder Kim Koehler has been a champion for women’s health, sex, and Cannabis education since the brand’s creation in 2018. Its minimalist, vegan, and cruelty-free approach get the job done with only two ingredients: ultra-filtered virgin coconut oil and  300 mg of nano-emulsified, broad-spectrum CBD.

Each box of Privy Peach contains 12 convenient, single-use pouches at 25 mg each. Privy Peach’s oil can definitely degrade latex, so don’t use it with condoms. Its “friction consistency does not fade with increasing vigorous activity,” says one happy reviewer out of thousands of repeat customers. Time to get vigorous.

Lavinia’s Oh.Hi 

(Courtesy Lavinia)

$58 for 15 ml 

Available: California

Can I get an amen? Created by a former nun “who helps people cum,” Lavinia’s Oh.Hi is a Cannabis-infused, silicone-based lubricant. Launched in 2021, founder Katie Enright has quickly put Lavinia on the map, placing it on shelves in over 100 dispensaries across California. The unique silicone-based formulation in Oh.Hi offers consumers next-level silky pleasure.

The founder took a unique path to her business, as she originally studied to become a nun before entering the Cannabis industry. Lavinia’s Oh.Hi weed lube is sold in 15 ml bottles as well as a travel size at 2 ml for $12. Consumers can expect to see Lavinia’s offerings and products expand in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. Oh.Hi’s mission? To bring pleasure to the masses. 

Tonic’s Nice Touch Intimacy Oil

(Courtesy Tonic Vibes)

$30 for 30 ml 

Available: Nationwide

Nice Touch Intimacy Oil offers a CBD-infused, coconut-based lube you will fall in love with. Odorless and flavorless, the 100% plant-based oil from Tonic is a clean lube option for consumers. Castor oil and coconut oil, alongside ricinoleic acid and beneficial fatty acids, help moisturize the skin, improving natural moisture retention. Breathe a sexy sigh of relief: Nice Touch is pH-neutral and safe for the vagina, so it won’t offset a woman’s pH balance.

The lube is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, glycols, artificial colors, dyes, or synthetic fragrances. This newly launched product from Tonic arrived on the marketplace just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Flora + Bast’s Aphrodisia Intimate Arousal Oil

(Courtesy Flora + Bast)

$99 for 50 ml

Available: Nationwide

Aphrodite approves of the new CBD oil Aphrodisia. Like ambrosia of the gods, it can be used topically and orally—both methods of consumption have been known to enhance sexual energy, sensation, and pleasure. When applied topically, the Aphrodisia Oil offers uplifting and sultry libido-stimulating effects; taken as a sublingual, CBD has also been found to decrease anxiety and discomfort that some experience during sex.

This is all about sinking in and surrendering to pleasure. Aphrodisia’s ingredient list is skin-friendly, using fractionated coconut oil, cocoa butter, Cannabis sativa extract, and Cannabis sativa terpenes. Cinnamon and cardamom essential oils grant this product a softly spicy, warming sensation. Aphrodisia contains 2,700 mg of total active cannabinoids, split between, 1700 mg CBD, and 1000mg CBG. It’s sure to be a potent and uplifting experience in the bedroom.

Foria Awaken Arousal Oil

(Courtesy FORIA)

$44 for 30 ml

Available: Nationwide

Founded in 2013, Foria is a weed lube OG. Its CBD-infused Intimacy Sex Oil shines in its simplicity with only two ingredients: 400 mg broad-spectrum CBD and organic coconut oil. This clear and odorless lube in an easy-to-use spray pump is like satin—light to the touch but incredibly moisturizing immediately. Turned on is an understatement; more like wet and juicy, and a little goes a long way.

The equally seductive intimacy oil, Awaken, is known as a “pre-lube” to support the body’s arousal and enhances natural lubricant, blood flow, and comfort. Foria even has a sexy Valentine’s Day-timed bundle called Sweet Seduction with Alice Mushrooms to ignite your weed and mushy passions. 

People can check the COAs of each batch on the brand’s website for an added layer of consumer transparency. The beloved lube brand dropped its THC offering in 2021 (formerly available in California) because CBD is available nationwide and offers similar benefits. —Trina Calderon contributed to this review.

FORIA Intimacy Melts suppositories

(Courtesy FORIA)

$20 for 4 suppositories

Available: Nationwide

Call it the best booty melt of 2024. These are FORIA’s secret weapons—truly satisfying in a few different situations. A blend of organic fair trade coco butter, organic jojoba oil and 100 mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and CBG, these Intimacy Melts can give you pleasure just as fast as it can derail any discomfort from menstruation-related cramps and pelvic pain.

Created for vaginal or anal use, they come on quickly after inserted; in as fast as ten minutes, your body feels an extremely gentle intimacy. A calm mood kicks in, and your nerves become warm and open. Insert before sex, let them melt a moment and they work as a lubricant. Designed to bring on relaxation, and the melts work in a pinch for any pain downstairs. —Trina Calderon

Jane’s Pleasure Intimacy Oil 

(Courtesy Jane)

$49 for 30 ml

Available: Nationwide

2024 is a great year for vegan lube. Jane’s Pleasure Intimacy Oil is made with natural coconut oil and hemp-derived THC and CBDV. Founder Michelle Courtright started the brand as a true healing passion project drawing from her experience as a breast cancer survivor; she created and uses Jane for her health, including for nausea and perimenopausal symptoms.

She’s a living testament to the wellness that this plant can offer women. Jane gifts a sexy and satisfying tool for intimacy with yourself or your partner. Ultra-moisturizing and luxurious, the brand’s organic ingredients also offer peace of mind. Consumers can apply Jane’s Pleasure Intimacy Oil liberally, focusing first on the clitoris. 1000 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil works in two potent ways: by increasing pleasure and helping to combat dryness.

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