We’ve gathered data from thousands of kush.com buyers to see what Hemp Finished Goods they’re currently searching for on kush.com.

We looked at well Over 200,000 search queries on kush.com from the last few months, focusing on consumers demand for Hemp Finished Goods…

Here’s what we found:

Buyer Interest On Kush.com Finished Goods 11.1

What The Data Shows

It looks like Vape Products, Candy, & Dabable Concentrate are the three leading categories when it comes to Buyer Searches on kush.com. Vape products are currently king at nearly 30% of all the buyer searches!

It’s worth mentioning that when combining Smokable Flower & Prerolls, you’ll get a whopping 20.4% of all searches, showing that Hemp Flower is still in relatively high demand compared to the other categories.

Also interesting that Edibles only got 3% of all searches, but the more specific category of Candy earned over 18%! If I were selling edibles on kush.com, I would make sure to place any fitting products under the Candy category to take advantage of the popularity.

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