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In Summary

Michael Molinar with Future AC Water Systems joins Chase Nobles the CEO and founder of on this HempList Podcast

Michael shares his amazing story of how he came to hold a patent pending for his AC Systems designed with Indoor Cannabis grows and utilizing every drop of water in mind. He dives into how he once worked setting up illegal Cannabis grows with power, AC, & water systems before getting arrested, and coming out the other side working with legal Cannabis businesses now.

Then Chase & Michael discuss the potential of Future AC Water Systems, not only with the growing legal Cannabis market, but with serious problems facing parts of the United States that see regular droughts! Could utilizing AC Waste Water help save the planet!?

“FutureAC Water System is Changing the Way People Grow and Maintain their Growing, Landscaping and Drinking Water

Our patent-pending idea uses modern technology to help people see the possibilities for their growing and drinking water. We are changing the way people grow, maintain landscaping and supply their drinking water.” “

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