Ohio legalization Issue 2 is kicking in, but it’s not like a big movie premier where legal Cannabis is in every town at once. Voters legalized it just last November, and The Buckeye State is rapidly implementing retail store legalization, in contrast to other states that took years. Read on if you’re an illicit market shopper coming out of the cold, or a law-abiding type who has just been waiting for this fine day.

It’ll be available at medical Cannabis dispensaries approved to sell adult-use Cannabis. Newly legal stores will pop up across the state all summer long—like stars coming out at night, one by one. We will list the legal stores below.

The applications will be processed on a first-come first-served basis by the Ohio Division of Cannabis Control. According to reports, Bloom Medicinals, for example, hopes to have their application approved by June 24. Ohio has about 126 dispensaries open statewide.

You can possess 2.5 ounces of flower and up to 15 grams of extract. You can’t smoke in public or drive or boat high. For more background, read our ‘Ohio just voted to legalize Cannabis. Here’s what happens next’.

At least 54 cities and counties—mainly suburbs—will opt out of sales for now. Citizens affected by local bans can contact their representatives because certainly Cannabis opponents are.

How much will it cost?

Cannabis starts at about $3 per gram right now for low-grade ‘shake’ in the medical system, which will be a good baseline for upcoming recreational prices. The top end hits $12 per gram. Expect prices to rise maybe 20%  as demand swamps supply. Eventually, supply equalizes and surpasses demand, and prices will start falling. In mature weed states like Oregon, joints can go for as little as $2.

One-gram cartridges run in the $50 to $60 range.

Graphic showing six different amounts of weed and slang terms: dime bag, dub sack, eighth, quarter, half, and a zip.
Visual quantities of weed in slang terms. (Leafly)

Ohio will add a 10% excise tax to Cannabis sales. The state has a 5.75% sales tax, as well as local taxes of up to 2.25%. The Ohio industry could gross $1 billion per year from roughly 1 million monthly smokers.

Watch an Associated Press news video on the roll-out

What are some good strains to try?

Lemon Cherry Gelato. Grown by Fig Farms, CA. Hybrid-indica. (David Downs/Leafly)
Lemon Cherry Gelato. AKA Gelato #33. Grown by Fig Farms, CA. Hybrid-indica. (David Downs/Leafly)

The top-searched strains in Ohio this month are:

This list offers some good places to start for popular strains, and what a sophisticated collection of current cultivars we see. It shows how Cannabis appreciation ignores state lines and trends have become global. Ohio truly is The Heart of It All.


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I don’t want to smoke weed, though.

Then legalization is your huckleberry. Adult-use sales also include gummies, vaporizers, dabs, topicals, and more. So many medical patients avail themselves of Cannabis therapy when it becomes legal and they need not involve a doctor or health organization.

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That said, stay out of trouble by knowing your limit and staying under it. Here is a handy guide to edibles dosing for beginners. Edibles are where most people get in the most trouble.

Also, lock up your edibles and weed away from kids to avoid accidental poisonings.

edibles dosing chart
Suggested doses in mg of THC to get you high. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)

Cannabis-brands”>What are Ohio’s top Cannabis brands?

round purple and pink tin of CAMINO CHILL gummies, with illustration of river on it. Flavor is Wild Berry, 5 mg <a href=THC per serving. Three pinkish purple gummies are positioned below the tin” data-testid=”image-picture-image”/>
(Courtesy Kiva Camino)

Ohio has big brands found in other states. Including:

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Cannabis-stores”>What are some of Ohio’s top Cannabis stores?

According to Leafly data, popular stores include:

See a map of all dispensaries in Ohio on Leafly.

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What happens next?

New stores flip to adult-use virtually weekly—the pace is set by how fast regulators approve applications. Ohio has 126 medical dispensaries. A large fraction will aim to serve the 1 million-strong adult-use market.

Regulators will award applications on a first-come first-served basis. The sooner a dispensary submits its application, the sooner it’ll hear back from the Ohio Division of Cannabis Control.

Got any more tips?

Do your research. Bring cash and a valid ID. Plan to spend some time enjoying your first dispensary experience.

See a weird word? Use our Leafly Cannabis Glossary to stay current on the new language of ganja.


What to know before you visit a dispensary for the first time

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