Greentank’s new Heating Chip is the innovation the vape industry has been waiting for.

After the first US states began legalizing Cannabis in the mid-2010s, there was a wave of innovation, spurred by the rapid proliferation of Cannabis vaporizer cartridges. The vape cartridge is truly the emblematic consumption method of this era in Cannabis, offering convenience and discretion that would be unimaginable in decades past.

What you might not know is that while legalization initially sparked a vape-tech bonanza, core technology has stagnated since 2015 when ceramic coil heating systems became the norm. Now, the industry is poised for a new wave of revolutionary advancements.

Quantum Vape heating and atomization technology is a massive stride forward for the Cannabis industry.

Over the past few years, Greentank has been hard at work and is now coming in hot with incredibly exciting new tech. Dubbed ‘Quantum Vape’, this heating and atomization technology is a massive stride forward for the entire Cannabis and vaporization industry, improving virtually every experience of a vape that matters to consumers. Packed with a truly paradigm-shifting heating chip, Quantum Vape gets rid of dirty, dangerous old ceramic elements and replaces them with nano-fabricated semiconductor-styled heating chips. Atomization has finally left the stone age.

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Innovation by design

An innovation on the scale of the Quantum Vape could have only come from Greentank. They’re one of the top suppliers of vape hardware to Cannabis brands worldwide, with over two hundred vape brands choosing to launch with Greentank products. They’ve also racked up an impressive amount of awards to round out their trophy case, including the Cannabis Independent Innovation Awards Vape Tank of the Year award, and a prestigious Red Dot Design award. 


Science of vaping marijuana oil & concentrates

Ever since its founding, Greentank has been tirelessly dedicated to genuine innovation, not just putting a glossy coat on a years-old technology. Their team of engineers, material scientists, and designers lead the industry by taking a creative, forward-thinking approach to the vape space, constantly challenging accepted wisdom to drive towards the next disruptive technology.

Now that you’re familiar with Greentank’s credentials, let’s jump into the oh-so-impressive tech that powers the Quantum Vape. 

Chipping in

Quantum Vape
Courtesy of Greentank

To get an accurate sense of just how much of a transformative innovation Greentank has on their hands with Quantum Vape technology, it’s important to have a solid foundation on the tech that came before. Back in what will soon be remembered as the “Pre-Quantum Vape days”, the vast majority of vape products made use of a ceramic heating coil.

The heating element is the most important part of the vape (after the concentrate, of course), and a poor-quality heating element can have significant consequences. The Quantum Vape Heating Chip outperforms ceramic heating in virtually every conceivable metric. In flavor, consistency, speed, reliability, longevity, and even potency, Quantum Vape is far superior to its predecessor.


What is Cannabis vaping and how does it work?

So, what makes Quantum Vape technology such a paradigm shift? It all starts in the manufacturing process. The Heating Chip is constructed using layers upon layers of nano-thin, biocompatible materials. This allows the concentrate to be heated thoroughly and evenly for 1000+ puffs, far more than a ceramic coil vape, which calls it quits after 300 or so and drops off in performance the further along it goes. The team at Greentank make use of state-of-the-art laser-guided automation to ensure that each and every Heating Chip is up to their rigorous quality control standards in order to set new benchmarks in performance. 

Quantum Vape
Courtesy of Greentank

The all-new Heating Chip has also been shown to reduce harmful byproducts of vaping. Heavy metal exposure has been a known downside of ceramic coil elements for several years, and the long-term effects of this exposure have not yet been fully studied. By replacing ceramics with the 100% biocompatible Quantum Vape technology, early research suggests that Greentank may have significantly reduced the potential side effects of vaping Cannabis, a huge win for producers and consumers alike.

Quantum Vape keeps it cool 

While the Heating Chip is the core of the innovation, Quantum Vape technology is more than its central element—it’s a complete vapor delivery system that prioritizes a user’s comfort and satisfaction above all else. That means paying close attention to temperature, as any experienced vaper will tell you that a scorched throat from a too-hot hit is one of the quickest ways to ruin a session. To prevent all that coughing and wheezing, Quantum Vape produces a Coldstream effect, an innovative vapor path that can produce vapor up to 52% colder than competing ceramic vapes. 

Quantum Vape produces a Coldstream effect that can produce vapor up to 52% colder than competing ceramic vapes.

Coldstream tech, combined with Greentank’s heat-resistance mouthpiece, makes vaping from a Quantum Vape-powered device a noticeably more comfortable, smoother experience than Cannabis consumers have ever experienced, helping extend sessions and enhance user satisfaction. Not only that, but thanks to both Coldstream and the cutting-edge Heating Chip, far more of the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the oil are preserved for the user to enjoy. With the Quantum Vape, fruits are fruitier, diesels are gassier, and users’ favorite strains simply hit in ways they’ve never experienced before. 

Size matters

Ready for the pièce de résistance? Consuming THC from Quantum Vape gets users high 20% faster when compared to a ceramic vape. The secret is size—the problem with vapor particles produced by ceramic vapes is that they’re just too big. They get trapped in the throat before being absorbed in the lungs, essentially going to waste. Quantum Vape fixes this by producing smaller particles that are more easily absorbed through the lungs and delivered throughout the body. 

Consuming THC from Quantum Vape gets users high 20% faster when compared to a ceramic vape.

Sound a little too good to be true? We get it, Quantum Vape may sound suspiciously like magic, but you don’t have to just take our word for it—Greentank has science on their side. A recent third-party study performed by Zentrela put Quantum Vape technology through its paces by having study participants try out the Quantum Vape while hooked up to a machine that measures brain waves. When compared with a standard ceramic vape as a control, Zentrala found that users consistently got higher, faster off the same oil when using a vape powered by the Quantum Vape Heating Chip. 

Quantum Vape
Courtesy of Greentank

It can’t be overstated how significant an improvement Quantum Vape technology is over everything that came before. The industry is about to change for good, and Greentank is leading the charge. If you’re curious about what Greentank and Quantum Vape can do for your Cannabis business, click the link below and fill out a form requesting more information.

While Greentank are some of the best in the business when it comes to vape technology and hardware, that’s not all they have to offer. You can go to their website to learn about their whole range of products, customization options, and filling and packaging solutions. You can also read more about their history and learn about what makes them stand out. Be sure to also follow Greentank on social media to keep abreast of any new game-changers that the technology company is cooking up. 

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