Discover what Royal Queen Seeds’ unique genetics can do for you this season.

Planting season is upon us once again, and experienced Cannabis growers and newbies both are making the decisions that will define the rest of their year. This most wonderful season stands to become a little bit more extraordinary this time around, and it’s all thanks to Royal Queen Seeds.

One of the foremost purveyors of unique Cannabis genetics on either side of the Atlantic, Royal Queen Seeds is a seed bank dedicated to promoting the love of growing Cannabis all over the world. They’ve curated a list of standout autoflowering strains from their vast library to demonstrate why curious growers should make the Queen’s royal acquaintance. 

While these autoflowers are well suited to the vast majority of outdoor climates, those who prefer to grow indoors or in greenhouses owe it to themselves to take a look at this dream team from Royal Queen Seeds. These autoflowers boast respectable potency levels as well as a carefully curated suite of terpenes specially designed by Royal Queen Seeds’ master geneticists.

These are unique strains that you won’t find at any other seed bank, and odds are you won’t find them at your local dispensary either; the only way to enjoy these unique strains is to grow them yourself, with a little help from Mother Nature.

Setting your autoflowers up to overachieve

unique autoflowers
Courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

While some of the coming good advice regarding growing Royal Queen Seeds autoflowering Cannabis is applicable to all Cannabis, and careful gardening generally, there are a few special tips and tricks that make RQS seeds particularly vibrant.

These tips come directly from the experts who bred these strains over generations, so their word is worth paying strict attention to if you want to ensure that you’ll harvest a true bumper crop this year.

Get to know your grow spot

Although autoflowering Cannabis and real estate don’t seem to have that much in common, in fact, they share the same first law; location, location, location. Learning all the ins and outs of your growing area is critical to setting up your seeds for success, as that data will help inform every decision you make further down the line.

Although autoflowering Cannabis and real estate don’t seem to have that much in common, in fact, they share the same first law; location, location, location.

Royal Queen Seeds breeders recommend spending the time to become familiar with the average sunlight in your area, the soil quality, temperature ranges, and everything in between. While it may sound obvious, many novice growers can neglect to arm themselves with all the necessary information about their outdoor climate beforehand, only realizing that what they don’t know has cost them after they’ve lost a crop to mold or climate. 

This preparation step is even more important when it comes to Royal Queen Seeds autoflowers. Because RQS autoflowers can become ready to harvest in as little as 50-55 growing days, there simply won’t be enough time to help a plant recover if it encounters any difficulties during its growing process.


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While it may be possible to rescue a photodependent strain with a longer flowering time, once it becomes clear that an autoflowering seed is in trouble, it might be too late to intervene. That’s why the breeders at Royal Queen Seeds stress careful preparation and planning, even when lower-stress autoflowers are concerned.

Genetic quality counts

Genetics count in Cannabis, and trying to overcome a seed’s weak nature by attempting to spend great effort nurturing it is simply a losing proposition.

The final piece of advice from the team at Royal Queen Seeds for undeniably impressive autoflowers is also one of the most simple. All the sunlight, soil, and careful planning in the world won’t help you if the seed you start with isn’t up to snuff.

Genetics count in Cannabis, and trying to overcome a seed’s weak nature by attempting to spend great effort nurturing it is simply a losing proposition. The best way to ensure great Cannabis plants is to start with great Cannabis seeds. Simple, no? 

Luckily, if you’re reading this, you’re already in the right place to snag some of the finest seeds around. Let’s take a look at five of Royal Queen Seeds’ most popular autoflowering strains that are perfect for your indoor or outdoor grow.

Royal Queen Seeds Quick One 

unique autoflowers
Courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

We put this strain first for all you motorheads out there who don’t have time to wait. Quick One is among the speediest strains on the Royal Queen Seeds roster, a greased-lightning strain that can produce high-quality, ready-to-harvest buds in as little as nine weeks.

An indica-leaning strain descended from Lowryder #1 and Old School Indica, Quick One jets out of the ground and keeps going until it lands at roughly three and a half feet tall in outdoor conditions.

Quick One doesn’t waste any time developing too much THC content, and you can expect your buds to clock in at around 13%. With a low potency and fast-growing time, Quick One is a standout strain among Royal Queen Seeds’ roster for beginners. Check it out, but make sure not to blink, or you just might miss it.  

Royal Queen Seeds Triple G Auto

unique autoflowers
Courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

One of the most potent autoflowering strains in Royal Queen Seeds’ extensive roster, Triple G Auto has a high enough THC content to please even the most experienced Cannabis consumer. Descended from Triple G and Big Skunk, Triple G Auto is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with many photodependent strains, but still maintains all the convenience and ease that defines autoflowering strains. Triple G is also one speedy grower; you can expect to enjoy your harvest roughly ten weeks after you first plant Triple G Auto. 

Royal Queen Seeds have bred quite a complex terpene profile into Triple G Auto, with notes of chocolate, spice, sugar, and an earthy dankness all rounding out the party. If you are an experienced Cannabis consumer who may be skeptical about the quality of autoflowers, give Triple G a try. Between the subtle terpenes reminiscent of high-quality dark chocolate and a respectable 20% THC percentage, Triple G Auto will make a believer out of the most resolute photodependent stan. 

Royal Queen Seeds Cookies Gelato Auto

unique autoflowers
Courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

A name that rhymes is always a good sign, and our next entry from Royal Queen Seeds doesn’t disappoint. Cookies Gelato Auto is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that was specifically developed to break the curse of low-potency autoflowers.

Cookies Gelato Auto puts an end to the old autoflower tradeoff of speed for potency, developing buds with up to 23% THC in as little as ten weeks. Such genetic wizardry isn’t easy, and Cannabis growers everywhere are lucky that the team at Royal Queen Seeds has threaded this needle with style. 

Cookies Gelato Auto will yield up to an impressive five ounces of bud when it comes time to harvest, with an aroma consisting of earthy notes with honey and fruit highlights. You can expect your Cookies Gelato Auto plants to get to about four and a half feet tall, making it a great strain for outdoor growers who aren’t constrained by limited space. Let Cookies Gelato Auto loose with plenty of sun, space, and water, and experience a brave new autoflower in record time. 

Royal Queen Seeds Royal Dwarf

Courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

A compact strain that is adaptable to a wide variety of climates and conditions, Royal Dwarf is ideal for experts and newbs alike. Royal Dwarf is aptly named; it will only grow to around two feet tall in ideal conditions, a fraction of the standard size for a full-grown Cannabis plant. This makes it a great fit for a pot on a sunny balcony, indoor tent, or corner of a vegetable garden, as its small size won’t crowd out other plants or draw unnecessary attention to your grow.

Royal Dwarf is an indica-like with an average THC content of around 13%, making it a good pick for newer smokers or those who prefer a less intense high. Consuming Royal Dwarf will lead to a cerebral, energizing high that encourages focus without too heavy of a “stoney” feel. 

Royal Queen Seeds x Tyson 2.0 GOAT’Lato Auto

Courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

Part of a collaboration with Kid Dynamite himself, Royal Queen Seeds has teamed up with Mike Tyson’s Tyson 2.0 outfit to bring their barn-burning strains to homegrowers for the first time.

Tyson has conquered the Cannabis arena in the days since he hung up his boxing gloves, and his unique strains, like GOAT’Lato Auto, reflect the resilience and tenacity that makes Iron Mike a force to be reckoned with. This autoflower will hold up to a wide variety of climates and can be trained and trimmed into a myriad of sizes with a little patience, making it enduring as the man himself.


Royal Queen Seeds & Mike Tyson are the double bill your grow needs

The crew at Tyson 2.0 burnt gallons of midnight oil to develop a strain worthy of the Greatest of All Time moniker, but GOAT’Lato Auto is certainly up to the challenge. While the 20% average THC content is respectable in its own right, there’s a hidden punch hiding in this strain. Combined with the relaxing suite of terpenes imbued into GOAT’Lato Auto by Tyson 2.0, it certainly feels a good deal stronger. While the conversations surrounding the true GOAT are never-ending, GOAT’Lato Auto from Royal Queen Seeds and Tyson 2.0 is a true contender. 

Those five strains are just the beginning of Royal Queen Seeds’ huge library, and they aren’t slowing down. They’re always hard at work innovating new strains and helping customers discover their love of Cannabis cultivation. Make sure to head to their website and follow them on social media so you can stay abreast of any new strains or collaborations that Royal Queen Seeds has in store. Happy growing!

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