Over the past 5+ years we’ve been constantly working on making kush.com the best online marketplace for buying or selling Hemp and Cannabis products. This Winter some big upgrades are coming, but we’d love to get some feedback from our user base before we make any changes!

This is your opportunity to tell us what you do and don’t like about kush.com. We’ll be listening to feedback from both Consumers and Businesses on the site to hopefully build a perfect user experience for both buying consumer products and selling on kush.com


Here’s two quick surveys that should take only a minute or two and will help us create the next Kush.com!

For Consumers (Linked Here)

For Businesses (Linked Here)

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Upcoming Changes to Kush.com

We have another wave of big changes coming to kush.com that will help streamline the consumer purchasing process, while allowing b2b businesses to focus on what they need. Here’s the basics of what to expect in the next 3-6 months;

  • Shipping Integration – Add accurate shipping costs to products, and possibly purchase / print shipping labels directly through kush.com
  • Product Variants – For all existing and new products on kush.com you’ll be able to add multiple variants with different sizes, strains, prices, ect
  • Sales Tax for Consumer Sales – We are working on big upgrades for Consumer sales that will include calculating Sales tax for each state
  • A Brand New Consumer Focused Site! Approved and vetted brands will have multiple options to sell d2c on a new streamlined site with 3rd Party Shipping Solutions available
  • Kush Certification Program – We’re already starting a vetting process for to ensure products in our d2c and distribution programs are safe, effective, and consistent for consumers. Brands that meet quality standards will receive a Kush Certification to use both on and outside of kush.com.

Want to get a head start on the new Consumer focused portion of kush.com??

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We are looking for brands with Consumer ready products that would like to be part of the Direct to Consumer kush.com.

What are we looking for? Brands with safe, consistent, consumer ready products! If you qualify for this program you’ll be one of the first brands on the new kush.com streamlined and marketed to Consumers Only. You’ll even have the option to ship your products to a 3rd party shipping solution where orders will automatically be processed, and you’ll simply collect a payment when items are sold, it doesn’t get any easier!

Write us at info@kush.com if this fits your business, and we’ll keep you in mind for the first Consumer brands on kush.com and keep you up to date with the Kush Certification.



Like always, if you have any questions just write us at info@kush.com



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