Screenshot 9 and the Kush Marketplace started out in 2017 as a B2B platform designed to help Recreational Cannabis Companies in Washington State connect. Alot has changed since then, now has a thriving Hemp Marketplace that operates in All 50 States allowing big & small hemp companies to connect B2B and directly to consumers!

Now, more than ever, creating a great Product Listing on is crucial to standing out on the competitive marketplace and landing some sales! Here’s a quick guide, and some Do’s & Don’ts for posting products on;

DO Post Pictures and Update Them!

At the most basic level, you are 3.5 times more likely to get an offer if you post an ad with a picture than without a picture! Easy Money! Ads without pictures also spends more time with conversations about “what does it look like?”. If your ‘conversations’ page is flooding with questions instead of offers, then adding or improving your pictures could be the easiest fix.

We often recommend posting great glamour shots for the main photo, but including some more realistic ‘as it ships’ photos on the product will help reassure buyers of what they are actually receiving (especially with B2B sales!). Keep in mind when creating a product, the First Picture Uploaded Will Become the Main Photo.

DON’T Post Different Product Listings Per Strain or Flavor

Condense your ads down to the specific product if possible. If your A flower for example is all at the same price and general quality, I’d put it in one product listing so that a buyer can purchase across different strains in the same offer. You’d think individual ads would spread your exposure but with the ‘Score’ system on you’ll actually get higher on the products pages by having all the buyer activity tied to a single listing. Finally, if you chose to promote products, you’ll only need to promote one space, instead of 5 different products for the same result.

In the description area you can place all the specifics, like with our example of Flower; strain(s), THC range if tested, weight per strain, and harvest date. The more information given, gets you closer to the sale. Many times, buyers won’t engage if they have to ask a bunch of questions.

One last note: If you don’t like the idea, maybe shoot for a hybrid model! You could post a few separate Strain or Flavor products, but also post a product that encapsulates all the variants in one.. 

DO Watch Your Score From the My Products Page


With new updates in mid 2023 you have more data then ever available on the My Products page! Watch your average Score, and keep that number as high as possible to get a better placement on the marketplace. There’s a few easy things you can do to boost your score including;

  • Connect DirectPay, the Square payment Integration for a substantial boost in Product Score. There are fees for payment processing, we would recommend marking up your products up 5-10% if needed.
  • Login Regularly, and reply to buyers in a timely manner. There’s opportunity to earn a ‘Responsive’ badge and boost your score! (plus give your buyers better customer service)
  • Upgrade to Premium if you’re on the Basic or if you’re really looking to make a move contact us to discus an Enterprise Account or larger Advertising packages.
  • Hit the REPOST ALL button from the My Products page at least once a week! The products page does favor newly updates or newly posted products. You can update all your products from your products page at the same time with the REPOST ALL button. It’s an easy way to let the market know your products are active and you’re still receiving offers.

DO Answer Quickly!

Get get back with a buyer through your Messenger page quickly! (check daily if you want to close sales and boost your score to the Max). When a buyer is interested in the fruits of your labor, don’t leave them waiting! Many deals fall through because the buyer moved on to a faster seller. Quick correspondence in this competitive market is paramount.

Being ‘Responsive’ by logging in often and getting back to buyers will actually boost your products score and earn you the badge on your products seen here.

Screenshot 8

DON’T Surprise Your Buyer or Forget About Accepted Offers

Your pictures should be a representative of what transit is picking up. If you are posting a picture from a photo shoot, that’s cool but please also add what the actual product looks like as well. Taking pictures of the actual product will eliminate much confusion and lessen the chance of any returns.

Sellers that have outstanding deals that have been paid but not fulfilled could be pulled from the marketplace with a Buyer Complaint! Definitely try to stay on top of anyone that has paid you on to avoid any speed bumps along the way.

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