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Fruity, chewy, minty, and most importantly—they’ll get you mighty high. There are more delta-9 THC gummies out there than any one person could hope to try, which is why we made it a whole team effort here at Leafly Product Picks. Read on to see what we discovered in our delicious journey, and find out what we selected as the very best delta-9 THC gummies of 2024.

THC-gummies”>A quick look at the best delta-9 THC gummies

Best tasting: BATCH Recreation THC Gummies

Best value: Apollo D-9+CBD Gummies

Best daily: five Daily Buzz Gummies

Best for relaxation: Rare Cannabinoid Company THC+CBC Mood Gummies

Best live resin: Cycling Frog Live Resin Guava Strawberry Gummies

Delta-9 THC is the iconic cannabinoid of this era in Cannabis. There’s no denying that ever since the 2018 Farm Bill got the hemp train rolling, delta-9 THC has proven itself to be the compound on everyone’s lips and in everyone’s lungs. While the name sounds like it is borrowed from a middling Star Trek subplot, what we colloquially know as “delta-9” or “D-9” THC is the same psychoactive compound that’s found in good old-fashioned Cannabis, but extracted from hemp and then highly concentrated to achieve parity with traditional Cannabis.

This results in a molecule that is virtually indistinguishable from the THC found in the Cannabis you can find in any dispensary, with the ability to get you rip-roaring stoned intact. We tried all the THC gummies we could get our hands on so that you can reap the tasty, stoney rewards. Read on to see our top picks.

THC-gummies-of-2024-reviews-and-recommended-products”>Best delta-9 THC gummies of 2024: Reviews and recommended products

5mg THC + 25mg CBD |  Flavor: Blueberry | Amount: 30ct | Price: $59.99

• Sourced from high-quality Wisconsin hemp
• Premium ingredients make for impeccable flavor
• Available in three tasty flavors

Artisanal, authentic, and tirelessly anti-obfuscation, BATCH is proud to present some of the greatest hemp gummies Wisconsin soil can produce, and by god, we here at Leafly are proud to eat them. BATCH is a rarity in the hemp space due to their tireless commitment to quality and accountability.

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Recommended product

A gummy that tastes too good can be a dangerous prospect; especially when that gummy has 5mg of delta-9 THC, sourced from Wisconsin’s finest hemp. But, for our team of gummy-loving writers, the chance to enjoy the impeccable flavor of BATCH’S Recreation THC Gummies is well worth the temptation to eat the whole jar in one sitting. We preferred the 5:1 CBD:THC ratio and the blueberry flavor of the Original variety, but BATCH also offers a watermelon-flavored Hybrid gummy with 10mg CBD, 5mg CBC, and 5 mg THC per bite, or a 1:1 CBD:THC tangerine flavored gummy intended to lift the spirit and sharpen the mind. The variety of potencies and flavors offered by BATCH allows you to perfectly customize your sensory experience, but if you feel the panic of analysis paralysis coming for you, fret not—With Batch, like in improv, there are no wrong answers.

Readers, when it comes to BATCH, the proof is simply in the pudding; opening any one of BATCH’s incredible products made it incredibly obvious to our team of writers that we were dealing with the real deal. The look of the packaging, the snap of the seal, and the tantalizing aroma, all exemplify the truly special care that BATCH exerts over their entire production, and that isn’t even to mention the exquisitely tasty flavors that BATCH incorporates.

“BATCH elevates delta-9 from fast food to five-star. Take it from us: you can tell Batch takes hemp seriously.”

BATCH is offering Leafly readers an exclusive 20% off discount on both one-time purchases and subscriptions. That’s right, you’ll be able to save even on a monthly subscription to your favorite BATCH products with code LEAFLY. Click the link below and start your BATCH adventure.

10mg THC + 25mg CBD |  Flavor: Watermelon | Amount: 20ct | Price: $39.99

• Quality delta-9 that won’t break the bank
• Delicious fruit flavors
• Third-party lab-tested

Apollo is here to help us all escape the pull of terrestrial gravity and explore something greater. They deeply believe that blasting off with a psychoactive substance is one of the pleasures that should be available to all Americans, no matter what state they reside in. Their dedication to excellence in psychoactive hemp cannabinoids elevates the plant to the same league as traditional Cannabis, and Apollo’s quality demands respect in that arena.

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Recommended product

Available in either a delicious Watermelon or a slightly sour Blue Razz flavor, (we preferred the watermelon, but your mileage may vary) these flagship gummies from Apollo helped us destress and reach a higher level. With 10mg of Apollo’s delta-9 THC per piece, this gummy is a bit on the stronger side, so caution may be warranted for the uninitiated. However, if that level of potency sounds right up your ally, Apollo has our firm recommendation. In addition to the stress relief provided by Apollo’s D-9, there isn’t anything quite as stress relieving as a good deal, and in that race, Apollo simply cannot be beaten. If you sign up for their subscription service, Apollo will send you a full 20-count jar of their famous gummies for $27.99, an incredible price point that will be sure to relieve the tension in both your temples and bank account. You don’t need a budget that would make NASA in the 50s blush to enjoy Apollo, just a good-hearted willingness to explore.

Their commitment to quality makes it even more impressive that Apollo is able to offer their products for a shockingly low price. While a combination of clever business practices and long-term investments goes a long way, we aren’t quite sure how they manage to pull a profit with these prices. Listen, we’re not saying that Apollo has an in with some moonmen that help them offer top-shelf delta-9 for bottom-shelf prices, but we’re not not saying that either, all right?

“Apollo helps us leave the cares of the pale blue dot in the rearview.”

Use code LEAFLY20 for 20% off your order. One use per customer.

5mg THC + 25mg CBD |  Flavor: Variety | Amount: 20ct | Price: $39.99

• Beginner friendly
• Wellness-focused brand
• Frequently offers giveaways and deep discounts

A perennial favorite of ours here at Leafly, five CBD is one of the most consistently excellent hemp brands operating today. They pride themselves on being both beginner-friendly and savvy enough to hang with the most experienced hemp consumers out there. That’s no easy feat; it takes a team with experience and poise to pull such a delicate balancing act off. However, five makes it look easy, by maintaining a tight grip on their production capacities while keeping an inquisitive eye toward future innovations.

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Recommended product

These delightfully delicious gummies from five give us a glimpse into the wellness world of a much healthier team of writers. The addition of one small gummy a day helped us feel more present and ready to start the day, every day. With a 5:1 ratio of CBD to delta-9 and other minor cannabinoids present in full spectrum hemp products, these gummies aren’t meant to help you blast off; five Daily Buzz gummies are intended as a flavorful way to acquire your daily dose of cannabinoids to keep your body feeling tip-top. Our team enjoys the sweeter things here at Leafly, so we preferred the flavors of the Daily Buzz line of gummies. However, if your tastes take a different tack, then five also offers a subtly sour flavor profile, as well. Whichever flavor you elect to incorporate into your routine, five will become as vital to your morning rituals as a cup of coffee.

Daily wellness is the name of the game at five. Their wide variety of CBD and delta-9 THC-based products have become a regular part of the wellness routine of swaths of Americans, encouraging energy, focus, and a feeling of wholeness. Their flagship line of gummies and other edibles can all become essential ingredients for a balanced, holistic remedy to the thousand tiny woes of modern life, your secret power-up that gets you through the day.

“Need a break from modernity and a moment for yourself? Take five.”

Our contacts at five are also happy to offer an exclusive discount for Leafly readers. Just use code LEAFLY25 at checkout to save 25% on any one-time purchase, not just the Daily Buzz gummies.

5mg THC + 5mg CBC |  Flavor: Sweet Lime & Mint | Amount: 30ct | Price: $49.99

• Focuses on lesser-known hemp cannabinoids
• Hawaii-based small business
• Unique cannabinoid blends only available from Rare Cannabinoid Company

Rare Cannabinoid Company is a Hawaii-based outfit that specializes in the lesser-known supporting cast of cannabinoids that THC and CBD often upstage. The team at Rare Cannabinoid Company gives cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and THCV a star turn, using cutting-edge chemistry to isolate and enhance what makes them special. They construct cannabinoid blends with a specificity and subtlety that truly sets them apart from the rest of the industry, and we are always excited to see what they are working on bringing to consumers next.

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Recommended product

There’s an awful lot to be stressed out about these days, and as a somewhat neurotic crew of writers, we at Leafly highly value anything that can help us chill out a bit. That’s why we found ourselves so enamored with these THC+CBC Mood Gummies from Rare Cannabinoid Company, a delightful gummy with just enough delta-9 THC and CBC to help us de-stress without getting us high enough to re-stress about something else. We found that the gentle combo of 5mg delta-9 THC plus high levels of CBD and CBC helped us put the anxiety away for a moment. We also found that the sweet, bright lime flavor was an ideal introduction to an evening free of worry. If you feel like you have far too much on your plate, Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Mood Gummies make it all a bit easier to swallow.

We love Rare Cannabinoid Company because deep down, they’re scientists. They’re motivated by the powerful healing properties of all hemp cannabinoids, whether they are psychoactive or not. So when it comes to their product lines that feature delta-9, you can be totally sure that they chose to include that cannabinoid not for any oblique marketing or business reasons, but because they genuinely think that it is a vital ingredient in their intended hemp formula. In our opinion, you’re more likely to find a misplaced fuel injector in a Ferrari than you are to find a misallocated cannabinoid in a blend from the team at Rare Cannabinoid Company.

“Rare Cannabinoid Company understands hemp the same way that an orchestra conductor understands Bach.”

Get a free pack of gummies when you take Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Cannabinoid Finder Quiz (mix and match rare cannabinoid gummies with or without THC; 10 gummies included; up to $25 value). No code or purchase necessary. Just pay shipping or receive free shipping with qualifying purchase.

10mg THC + 10mg CBD |  Flavor: Guava Strawberry | Amount: 40ct | Price: $49.99

• Consistent focus on affordability and accessibility
• One of the few hemp brands offering live resin gummies
• Delicious, uncommon flavor combinations

A brand that combines true artisan craftsmanship with a stylish aesthetic, Cycling Frog is one of the foremost purveyors of excellent vibes in the world today. They’re a brand after our own hearts; a team of iconoclastic hemp heads who believe that anyone should be able to enjoy everything that the plant has to offer, no matter where they live. They’re out to make recreational hemp products enjoyable, accessible, and affordable. What’s not to love?

Recommended product

Cycling Frog has managed to distill summertime relaxation into a perfect bite. Each gummy is packed with 10mg of delta-9 THC and 10mg of CBD, resulting in a balanced, but undoubtedly potent high. Cycling Frog gummies have a rare feature that massively endeared them to our writers; unlike the vast majority of D-9 gummies, Cycling Frogs’ are strain-specific. For strain hounds like our team of writers, this was a revelation, bringing our flower purists into the gummy fold. Cycling Frog opted for Abacus 2.0 as the ideal strain to pair with the tropical berry flavors, a decision we heartily applaud. The flavor combination results in a respectably potent gummy that doesn’t taste like it’s got something to hide; a landmark achievement from the team at Cycling Frog. Get yours today and let the frog take you for a fantastic ride.

While many readers may be familiar with Cycling Frog from their famous line of THC-infused seltzers, they’ve recently hopped into the gummy game and made a real splash. We are happy to report that everything that makes Cycling Frog seltzers so special has made it into their new line of delta-9-infused gummies, and then some. They’re one of the only brands in the hemp space to experiment with infusing their gummies with live resin, the difficult-to-extract king of concentrates. Live resin is derived from fresh frozen flower, meaning that vastly more of the delicate terpenes that make top-quality herb special are preserved in the extraction process. The result? An exceptional gummy, one that our team heartily recommends for anyone ready to take the training wheels of their D-9 experience.

“The ambitious amphibians at Cycling Frog consistently raise the bar, cementing themselves as one of the industry’s leading lights.”

Use code LEAFLY20 for 20% off your one-time purchase at checkout. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes bundles and subscriptions.

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We’ve been chronicling the rise of delta-9 here on Leafly since the little cannabinoid that could made its grand debut. We’ve watched as the industry took its first unsteady steps into the world, before achieving massive popularity and size due to the compound’s unique legal status. While you can vape, smoke, or drink D-9, the cannabinoid truly comes into its own when infused into a gummy, and the myriad hemp brands out there have certainly taken notice.

Final thoughts

Have we got your mouth watering? We certainly hope so, any of the gummies on our list are transparently made, delicious options for recreation and relaxation. The field is rapidly growing, so make sure to check back on this list of the best delta-9 THC gummies frequently to see what new treats our team has uncovered. In the meantime, stay tuned for more lists from our Product Picks crew, as we break down the best of the best in the hemp and Cannabis worlds. Be well!

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